“Race” is the common term used to describe the various sentient and salient species that live and intermingle across Earth. Most all bipedal autonomous species that participate in large-scale societies are referred to as humanoid, regardless of common ancestor species. The exact origin of individual species is in most cases fairly ambiguous, though great strides have been made in identifying races with a common antecedent.

The following is a list of all species known to interact with large scale society.

*Thri Kreen

Hybrid Races

Species produced as an offspring of parents of differing but sexually compatible races.

*Half Elves
*Half Orcs


A slightly broader classification that typically refers to the alteration of a species by extreme circumstance, resulting a distinct subspecies. Certain divergent species were previously regarded as afflictions.



A manufactured intellect derived from archaic methodologies lost to history. Warforged are the only currently classified entities.



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