Humans are perhaps the most prevalent race on a global scale, being indigenous to all locales save the North Pole and South Pole. In most established governments humans tend to play some pivotal role in the overall organization and administration of the established nation. This drive towards establishing civilizations is surpassed perhaps only by the drive of the elven and eldarin.

Humans are a prolific and resourceful race whose use of group organization and tools allowed them to grow in numbers beyond other more naturally resilient species. They are notably also the species with the broadest range of sexually viable races to interbreed with and the predecessor of many common divergent races. This general adaptability and versatility has been tremendous aid in allowing humans to remain the dominant political and social force through modern society.

It is a common eladrin teaching that humans acted as a sort of primordial skeleton key, a species capable of adapting swiftly to be compatible with almost any given situation. Alternatively some ancient eladrin histories sight a precursor race, similar to a combination of human and changeling who eventually gave rise to each species. In most texts this precursor race was seen as favorable to continued survival and eladrin interbreeding began resulting in the creation of elves.

Humans are many and varied in temperament, capabilities, and appearance. Their large numbers within Europe and the world in general tend to lead to distinct human bias in popular culture, media, and law. Great Britain is ruled largely by an assembly of elf, half-elf, and human representatives in parliament. The current Prime Minister is a human female named Margaret Thatcher, a highly controversial figure for her social and economic practices. Humans alongside their elven partners are at the center of a distinct class struggle, with tension building against them from nearly every other species.

BCAIM is thought to largely be composed of human members, but the nature of the organization makes these claims impossible to substantiate.


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