Changelings exist as a species with no centralized culture. They are a humanoid species with the uncanny ability to perfectly mimic the appearance of any other individual. Eladrin historical record denotes them as descending from the same precursor race as humans, having manifest their adaptability in a more readily noticeable fashion.

Their amazing capabilities have made them the source of some derision on a societal level. Known changelings are often assumed to be outlaws, even when they retain the native appearance of their people. Something of a self-perpetuating cycle, this belief of changelings as outlaws typically offers known changelings limited options as far as legitimate employment. As such it is believed the fair majority of their populace live out their lives primarily under the guise of an individual of a different race.

This leads to complications in determining the size of the changeling race. Accounts are known to vary considerably, from dramatically large, to near extinct. They are known to exist globally nearly everywhere humans can be readily found, and for the most part their cultural traditions tend to be informed by the dominant human trends of the area.

The known changeling population in Great Britain is a paltry 200 registered, though common belief is that a more accurate total would be near twelve hundred or more. In general sympathy for changelings is near an all-time high, particularly amongst humans and equal opportunity employment options for them has been a major political issue within the past five years. There are no officially known changelings in the service of BCAIM.


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