The City of Briar Gate acts as home to the Joint Intelligence Subsection known as The Bureau of Curiosity Acquisition, Investigation, and Management. The agents of BCAIM are known commonly in the streets as ’’cats’’, agents of curiosity. From all walks of life, the agents are diverse and have access to all facets of society between themselves. Their task is to ensure the safety of the citizenship of Great Britain from the dangers of illicit, illegal, and dangerous magical artifacts circulating in the underbelly of their great home.

These are their stories. This is your story. Welcome to the Bureau, agent.


The Curio campaign is set in an alternate 1983, in Great Britain, primarily England. This version of history is mostly parallel to real world history, with the notable inclusion of most all 4th Edition races and magic existing. Most races are native to various real world locations and their unequal disbursement has somewhat far-reaching social consequences, compounded by the labor and class crises particular to Great Britain at this time.